Summer seasonal eating

Eating in the seasons: Summer

The best tasting food is going to be the produce that’s in season. Read our handy guide to make sure you’re having the tastiest food, in July. Make sure your summer recipes are full to the brim with seasonal produce!


Cherries are one of the flagships of the British summer. Succulent and sweet, a British picnic shouldn’t be without these pitted fruit. When buying, look for a dark red, firm and shiny fruit for the perfect morsel of summer.


The apricot is a beautiful fleshy fruit, a relative of the peach and nectarine family. Thrives on the warm weather for the best harvest, July is the best time to buy British apricot. Apricots are incredibly versatile ingredients, perfect in both sweet and savoury dishes.


July is the perfect time for seafood. When buying crabs, its always best to go to your local fishmonger. Female crabs have a sweeter flesh in comparison to males. When choosing crabs, make sure that they feel heavy. If your reference is more white crab meat, buy a male crab. The fresher ou can buy your crab, the tastier it’ll be.


The courgette belongs to the same family as cucumber, squash, and melon- surprisingly! Its extremely versatile, tender, and one of the easiest vegetables to cook. When choosing a courgette, find a firm one with glossy and unblemished skin. Courgettes make a perfect addition to any curry, just sauté before and add when the sauce is simmering.


Tomatoes are readily available throughout the year in the supermarkets, however, the best of British tomatoes are in July. There are a huge variety of tomatoes, ranging in size, shape and even colour. If you’re choosing a dish to highlight the tomatoes, use a range of different tomatoes. Remember to keep your tomatoes out from the fridge to keep them at their best for longer.